The Last Post

We’ve had no bad days. Couldn’t be more thankful. The flights home from Sydney to Hong Kong to Toronto were long but smooth (other than a critically ill passenger on the second one, who ended up being tended to by a passenger physician and the whole cabin crew while lying on the floor near us). … More The Last Post

One Final Day

Our last full day in Sydney- and on the trip (except for travelling home). I think we all agree that we had one too many days in Sydney– we’d finished our list of things and people we wanted to see — although it ended up being a good day and a nice way to end. … More One Final Day

Photo Memories ~ T

Having seen Rebecca’s post on her favourite photos I thought I would go through (quickly) the set of photos we have collected.  The ones I chose certainly fall in the ‘best’ category, not necessarily the best 10 photos, but photos that will trigger memories of the places we have been for years to come.  So … More Photo Memories ~ T

Book Reviews

Admittedly I have not read as many books on this trip as I thought I might. But Jonah has. And the ones I’ve read, I’ve really enjoyed. There are numerous used/inexpensive book stores around that have really helped, as we all enjoy hard copy books more than their electronic counterparts. And we’ve added to the … More Book Reviews