Bios of travellers



Tim is an engineer by training and an entrepreneur at heart. He has the best partner he has ever had in his wife Rebecca and has four amazing kids. He enjoys family, travel, hockey, soccer and red wine.  He belongs in the joyful noise category at church despite having played the saxophone as a teenager. Rebecca’s family cottage, especially the dock, is one of his favourite spots to be –
whether with friends, family or alone.



Rebecca is the Mama. Still very happily married to her junior high sweetheart and parenting these amazing four young adults.  She adores trip planning (almost as much as trip taking). Adventurous in lots of ways, but not when it comes to skydiving. Professionally, she leads a strategic planning and facilitation company in Guelph, Ontario  ( and loves university teaching. She loves libraries, Farmers’ Markets, and Coffee Shops. Thankful Christ-follower, proud Canadian, avid knitter, soon-to-be travel writer.



Hey wassup? I’m Hannah! I’m finishing my third year at the University of Waterloo in two programs no one has heard of, one is Social Development and the other is Peace and Conflict Studies. I want to be a family lawyer because my passions are helping people and working with people, especially children. If you’re ever looking for me I’m in the gym trying to build my booty, or on my computer looking at healthy meals and work out plans. I’d like to think of myself as a leader and a good role model being the eldest of the family, but it would be a stretch to call me the “golden child.” I keep busy with community volunteering and my job at the Keg so my spare time is limited, and I absolutely love to travel. My friends describe me as compassionate, loud, and dedicated, and I’d have to say I agree.



Claire is lazy but also very hard working when she needs to be.

She loves sports and going to the gym as well as travelling.

She has taken the year off before heading to university in order to work and make money  so that she can shop and travel  to many different places!



Genevieve is 14 years old, and loud as can be. Her favourite things at school are Student Council and business class. She is a competitive dancer and teacher, and her favourite place to be is on stage. She loves food (especially Nutella), hanging out with her friends, Pinterest and travelling. She always has a positive attitude and is a strong leader. Genevieve is really looking forward to experiencing new cultures and escaping Guelph for a little while.



video intro?

I am 12 years old and I am in grade 7

Throughout the past few months I  have become excited for our trip because there will be many interesting locations to film videos for my

YouTube Channel!

I play on our city soccer team as a defender, I play the cello, I play video games, and I make YouTube videos (about video games).