One Final Day

Our last full day in Sydney- and on the trip (except for travelling home).

I think we all agree that we had one too many days in Sydney– we’d finished our list of things and people we wanted to see — although it ended up being a good day and a nice way to end.

In the morning Mom and I had a nail appointment walkable to our house while Jonah and Dad went back to “The Drop” for coffee. Mom then had a hair appointment, went to wool stores with Heidi (mainly because she’d forgotten her phone at Heidi’s the night before and that way they could connect and return it) ,and got us lasagna and garlic bread for our last supper.

Dad, Jonah and I headed on the bus and went to “Beautiful Burgers” for lunch- I’d researched where to get a good kangaroo burger in Sydney. The staff were crazy friendly (as all the reviews said). We split 3 burgers in precaution of not liking the kangaroo. Dad and I didn’t really find the kangaroo that different from any other meat we’d had. We didn’t have high expectations as it had been described to us as “eating a rubber tire and very lean”. Jonah hated it. We then got back on the bus and headed down to Darling Harbor to cash in our free bowling coupons from our prior visit. We were told we couldn’t prebook online with the coupons though when we arrived they were fully booked with a school group for the next 2 hours. We reserved our spot for later on and then wandered back to the playground we’d gone to last time and sat and read our books there to kill the time. We went back bowled. We all had mediocre/low scores… not our best moment. Around 4;30 we went back to the house and met Mom to make dinner and pack up before playing some games, pulling out our favourite photos, and heading to bed.


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