After 32 years…Day 5 in Sydney

For the third time in Australia, we’ve spent time with a friend whom we
haven’t seen in more than 30 years. All three have been Teen Ranch IMG_1689connections of mine — this time it was a friend who stayed at my place for a few weeks after summer camp in 1985. Where do you start to catch up on 30+ years of history? We were so easily able to pick up where we left off — amazing.

She had planned a marvellous day for us. It started with yum cha (also known as dim sum) in Chinatown. (We all inhaled it so fast, we forgot to take a picture until afterwards — of the dessert trolley…You get the idea…)IMG_1768

Followed by a walk along the sandstone cliffs near Bondi Beach. Her boys had never been there, and it was so fun for Jonah to have people to clamber over rocks with!


IMG_2231Then it was on to Barangaroo — a new park and art space on the harbour that reminded us of sandstone lego. The soundscape being presented in the indoor cavern art space was very cool — lawn chairs and astroturf in a large concrete space with amazing acoustics, playing music by the Sydney Children’s Choir. Gorgeous to hear, and fun to people watch, as several folks were sitting in ‘cave’ enjoying the sounds.

Back to her place for some computer time for the boys and laughing over old photos for the rest of us. Her husband prepared us a delicious Indian feast.

And the visit continued…I forgot my phone at her place after they drove us home, so we saw each other again the next afternoon to retrieve it. And to visit a couple of local yarn shops, including a new one, Skein Sister, run by a friend of hers. It was one of the best yarn shops I’ve ever visited, with gorgeous stock displayed in a lovely space. I wish them much success and look forward to working with the skeins I bought.IMG_1686


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