Sydney – Days 3 and 4

Sunny days in Sydney have continued. We like it here!

We started Day 3 with brunch at Black Toast — quite possibly some of my favourite bites of the trip. Gen is keeping a list of all the yumminess we want to cook when we get home, inspired by some of the delicious food we’ve enjoyed while away.

IMG_1742Then it was back to The Rocks to enjoy the weekend artisan market before boarding the ferry to Manly.

Manly and Shelly Beach are part of Sydney’s northern beaches. The 20-minute ride there got us back out on the harbour again, and we enjoyed browsing the beach town on the walk from the wharf to the beach. There were lots of people and buskers around — we found a shady grassy spot and enjoyed the view, our books and a nap. (We even spotted someone we know from home, here on a 2-week holiday. Small world, yet again)! No snorkelling for Gen — too many bluebottles around (little man-o-war jellyfish things with a nasty sting).

IMG_1751Dinner was pizza and wine at Manly Pizza and Wine.

Then we marvelled at the night time lights around the Sydney Harbour on the ferry ride home.

Day 4 took us back to Hillsong Church — this time to their main campus in The Hills. We were so committed to attending at the main site that we braved 4 buses to get there and a bus and 2 trains to get back. We’re becoming quite proficient at Sydney public transit. You have to be impressed by a church that seats 8000, serves breakfast and lunch before and after church, has 24 sites with 44 services per Sunday, and has branded mobile pizza ovens.

We’d read about an Open House at Sydney Flying Trapeze, so that was our next stop. Gen had done trapeze once before in NYC, so they let her give it another try. Cool graffiti in that area too.

Grabbed some groceries then treated ourselves to an Uber ride home for a night of cards, books, knitting and Tim Tams.


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