Book Reviews

Admittedly I have not read as many books on this trip as I thought I might. But Jonah has. And the ones I’ve read, I’ve really enjoyed. There are numerous used/inexpensive book stores around that have really helped, as we all enjoy hard copy books more than their electronic counterparts. And we’ve added to the bookshelves of several of the homes we’ve visited!

In case you’re looking for some reading material, here are a few of our memorable reads from the trip:

Tim, Claire and I enjoyed some thrillers:

Couple Next Door

I See You

The Husband’s Secret

Gen, Tim and I got into some non-fiction:

The Happiness Project

The Power of Meaning

Avoid Retirement and Stay Alive

Gen and Tim fed their entrepreneurial addiction with this biography:

Elon Musk Biography

And Jonah enjoyed a whole bunch of titles, including these:


The Fifth Wave

Brigands M.C.

I’m looking forward to reading this book on the plane home:

A House Without Windows



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