Escaping Melbourne ~J

Over the weekend, parking in downtown Melbourne had been about $12 for the day. When we went to Melbourne on a Wednesday, we expected it to cost a bit more. Instead, we were in for a surprise. The first garage said $72 for 3 hours,  the next said $69 and slowly lowered until we got parking for $18 a few km away from where we wanted to be.

We walked into the city and were looking for alleys that have street art, because Melbourne is known for those. But we didn’t find many, so we went to lunch at a takeout sushi bar that four of us ate at for only $27! Which is a very very very good deal in Australia.

After this we went to an escape room — rooms where you must solve puzzles to find a key and escape, in less than an hour. We got out in 42 minutes. We’re great, really, we are pretty cool.

To get back to our car we didn’t want to walk all the way back, but Melbourne has a ‘free tram zone’ in downtown. Our parking garage was outside of that zone, but that didn’t stop us. We rode past that zone without paying and got all the way to the parking garage! Don’t tell anyone.

We were now driving to a kids’ camp set up as a ranch for the week to volunteer. What would normally have been a one hour drive took us two and a half hours because of rush hour traffic and construction. On arrival at the camp, we got beautiful staff pins with our names on them and ate dinner. Now we live happily ever after at the ranch. Until next Wednesday.


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