Brighton Beach and Creperie ~ G

On our last full day in Melbourne,  Mom had to work (Weird eh?), so Claire, Dad, Jonah and I were on our own to entertain ourselves.

Claire had researched things to do and found Brighton Beach- known for its “Beach Boxes”. Each of this brightly painted sheds are privately owned and one sold just last month for $326 000!!!!!!! Like I said it is literally a shed. (No electricity or plumbing or even windows). We drove to the beach late morning- around half an hour from our house.

After 3 hours playing catch and reading on the beach (and taking photos with the boxes), we headed 1 km in land to the town of Brighton. The town was lovely, though for a different crowd. It was mostly high end boutiques for ladies 55+ and cute restaurants (we’d packed a picnic). We were in the wealthiest part of Melbourne and you could tell- Porsches, Range Rovers, Mercedes and BMW’s were the only cars in sight. We then drove back to our house to meet up with Mom mid afternoon.

Claire and I were wanting some last shopping/ exploring/ shopping time in Melbourne so while the boys explored dinner options the girls poked around shops. We went past our friendly point of hunger and ended up heading to a French creperie in a back alley that my Mom had read about on list of “Top 10 Cheap Eats in Melbourne,” which is ironic as the cheapest thing we ordered was $15. My dad and I shared 2 crepes- Brie and Ham and Bacon, Potato, and Roblichon.  Claire opted for a dessert crepe with ice cream, chocolate and Nutella.IMG_1621

One thing that I have found so far is that not all restaurants are required to have a bathroom- it often leaves us walking to the closest public washroom or library which is inconvenient.

For dessert we went back for Krispy Kreme donuts, ordered a half dozen and then were informed we could get a full dozen for only $5 more- of course my Dad jumped at this fantastic opportunity and next thing we knew we had 12 donuts for dessert!

I loved being in the downtown core past dark as I find that it feels like a whole different city all lit up and full with busy restaurants and people in business attire (which automatically makes me so happy).

We went back to the house and played cards while eating the donuts and Claire packed up a little bit as she had to be at the airport early the next morning. It was a great way to spend our last full day in Melbourne and with Claire.


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