The Great Ocean Road

Our kids are admittedly tired of travelling for hours in the backseat of car, admiring scenery.

So driving even a small part of the Great Ocean Road while in Melbourne was a bit of a tough sell.

Instead, we asked them to take responsibility for planning yesterday’s agenda. Upon careful research conducted online, in guide books kindly left for us by our host, and with staff members in local shops, they decided we would…

Drive the Great Ocean Road.IMG_2042

Not much of it, mind you — two hours was their max. And because we started one hour away from the start of the GOR, we were a bit limited. But we set our sight on Bells Beach and Lorne, downloaded a couple of movies for them on the iPad, and off we went.

We grabbed coffee and snacks at Swell in Jan Juc and made our way to Bells Beach, which was spectacular. The wind was very high and shelters were under construction, presumably for an upcoming surfing competition. Even to this untrained spectator, it is clearly not a surfing beach for beginners. But just offshore, dozens of wetsuits on boards were visible and we enjoyed marvelling at their expertise in the power of those waves. (I was impressed at their willingness to cart those boards up and down the steep stairs)!

Then it was on to Lorne for lunch. We sat down at our [thankfully indoor] table at the busy Bottle of Milk just in time for the downpours to begin, so unfortunately ourIMG_1482 beach plans for the afternoon had to be shifted, but lunch was delicious. (We seem to be eating a lot of hamburgers on this trip. When I drew it to the family’s attention, they said, “Yes, for a bargain-priced $17 each. Have you seen the price of pizza or bacon and eggs)?? Plus we like them.

We soIMG_1580ught cover under shop awnings as we explored the beachside town. (As you can see from the picture, not all of us were dressed warmly enough for the change in weather. The day started above 30 degrees and the temperature dropped substantially with the rain). Highlight: Claire saw 11 cockatiels in the wild in one tree, including this one who came to investigate our leftover french fries — not exactly the same as seagulls invading our picnics at home!IMG_1578

We popped into a lighthouse and a coffee shop en route home. Enjoyed our day, but less than we likely would have had the sun stayed out!



2 thoughts on “The Great Ocean Road

  1. Not sure. It was sunny and warm again here yesterday. We did talk to our host in Gold Coast to make sure all is well there, but apparently the terrible weather is quite a bit farther north than she is. Sun’s up this morning here — not hot, but lovely!


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