Experience the Trilogy Part 3 — Tubing in a Cave ~G

Our third activity as a part of the trilogy package was inner tubing in a glow worm cave. We had the option of going by boat, foot or tube (since we were all heavy/old enough)- and tube seemed the most fun!image

By far the worst part was the wetsuits.. getting in to them (wet from the group before) as well as trying to get them off soaked from our adventure! The rest of our outfit included rain boots of sorts with big treads, and a helmet with a headlamp. We had 2 great guides  – young women from NZ and Britain – who made us feel comfortable, knew the cave well and were very enthusiastic.

We first went to a small river to practice our backwards jump into our tube, a skill which we would use once in the cave, and to get used to the temperature of the water.  We appreciated the practice.

Into the cave we went, on uneven ground to an opening where we got a quick safety lesson before venturing deeper into the cave- dark, wet, and at times narrow. We walked on uneven rocks dodging stalactites, jumped backwards over 2 waterfalls, climbed through a small hole and lazed in our tubes taking in the amazing bioluminescence of the glow worms above. (Did you know glow worms are blue because of shiny poo? And they trap their food in vertical sticky strings like a spider web)? The experience was not too crazy to be too scary, and the athletic ability needed was fairly minimal, but we still felt brave.

After an hour and a bit in the cave, we returned back and enjoyed hot showers, soup and bagels, while laughing at our funny faced photos on a TV screen above.  We were able to purchase all of the photos on a USB for $30-  good value! All of us enjoyed this tour — a highlight of our trip —  and it was a great way to spend the afternoon.


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