More Wine and Wool — and Mini Golf

Today we decided to divide and conquer – taking on activities that best suited the two groups of travellers.

Rebecca and Tim dropped the rest of the gang in Napier for shopping, two rounds of seaside mini golf, and card playing at a local café (Starbucks – elected for its Wifi connection), while we headed out towards Havelock.IMG_1358

Our first stop was at a wool shop — Skeinz — set in an unassuming industrial area but offering the best prices and selection Rebecca had seen so far. Good news for all the young moms expecting babies this summer – stay tuned)!

Next we drove up Te Mata Peak, where you get an incredible view – it is well worth the drive (remembering of course the road gets narrower as you go), and if you have more time, there are plenty of hiking trails up the peak. Not for the faint of heart — very few guard rails up there! At the top, on a clear day, you apparently would be able to see over to the volcano in the middle of the north island – some 120km away. Plenty of trails to chose from to take you up, down and around the peak.

The end point of our adventure, before returning to Napier, was the Black Barn Vineyard where we enjoyed a wine tasting and lunch. The Black Barn is a boutique winery producing 5,000 crates a year (or 60,000 bottles). What a beautiful spot for lunch! The grounds are lovely – all of the buildings are black with white/cream trim – the details are well thought out from the kitchen store, the cellar door, the bistro and the outdoor amphitheatre. There are also places to stay on the property and they also have other locations in the area where you can enjoy a stop amongst some 70+ vineyards. The lunch setting overlooking the hills and the vines was spectacular. We enjoyed a nice lunch at the bistro, picked up a bottle of their Merlot Cabernet Franc blend, and headed back to Napier.

Once back together again, we ventured out after supper to Mister D’s for dessert, as we’d heard about their inject-your-own filling doughnuts…IMG_1244


One thought on “More Wine and Wool — and Mini Golf

  1. Great to receive three posts this morning. It made our day. We know you do not always have wifi so do not worry but nevertheless we miss the contact – this from someone who decries constant tech connect! It sounds like a most interesting day for you, Rebecca, at the woodshed but how disappointing for all of you to not see much of the kiwi. I had not realized they were nocturnal birds although I did know they were extinct in the wild. Love the photo of Jonah inoculating his donut!! A doctor in the making? Having lunch at Buon Gusto with Hannah tomorrow after she has been to church.


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