Skydiving Abel Tasman~ G

Today Claire and I went skydiving. At least for me, this has been something that I have wanted to do for as long as I can remember. We had a reservation for 8:00 am at “Skydive Abel Tasman”, an hour and a quarter from where we are staying. The main reason that we decided to skydive in New Zealand (besides the view being one of the best in the world) is because I am of legal age to participate, whereas in Canada you must be 16 years old. (I’m 14).

The rest of the crew was super great in getting up in time to leave the house by 6:15 am — back on the windy, mountainous roads we went. Upon arrival at “Skydive Abel Tasman” we signed waivers, watched a promo video and then waited until our plane ride was ready to go. We got all suited up and then met our Tandem Masters (they are the ones on our back who deal with parachute, steering, etc), as well as our personal photographers who would be jumping alongside us. At this point it set in that we were about to jump out of a plane from 13 000 ft, although I felt strangely calm and just excited.

We boarded the plane, which fit 12 people all squished in with no seats, so we sat on the floor. Up we went, climbing in altitude for around 15 minutes, and it was now that our Tandem Masters attached to us both at the waist and shoulders. I was the first to jump, and so when we reached 13 000 ft they slid the door open, hung my legs outside the plane and then lunged off. The next 45 seconds were free fall, going 200km/hr, though it felt like only 10 seconds- it went by so fast I even asked my Tandem Master if he’d already pulled the parachute!

The parachute ride lasted around 5 minutes and then we landed nice and gracefully right in front of my parents, Jonah and Hannah (On FaceTime!).

Our videos and photos were edited within 20 minutes and we watched them on a big screen at the office before heading off. Despite all of Jonah’s dying jokes and my mom’s great fear of her ‘babies jumping out of a plane,’ Claire and I survived and would definitely do it again!IMG_1565


3 thoughts on “Skydiving Abel Tasman~ G

  1. Gen, Glad you fulfilled your wild dream. We had not realized that Claire was up for jumping too. What a pair of daredevils! Glad you are back safely on terra firma. Hugs from us both.


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