Saturday in Queenstown ~ C

We started off the day by sleeping in a bit which was nice after a full day yesterday.

Thankfully the house we are staying in is walkable to the main town which makes getting places very convenient. About midmorning we walked to a gondola which took us up a mountain to spend a good chunk of our day. At the top were “luge” courses which were quite fun, even when Gen almost flew over the edge. The views from the top of the mountain were spectacular which made for a nice spot to enjoy a picnic lunch in the sun after racing down the “luge” tracks.

After the luge we came back to the town and headed straight for an ice cream shop that we spotted when we first arrived in Queenstown. While enjoying the most delicious ice cream, we watched buskers on the streets which were not quite as good as the ice cream… It’s interesting to see the backpackers playing music, doing tricks, selling jewellery, then they pack it all up and move to a new spot to continue making some small change. Something about the town that I personally have found to be very nice are the random patches of grass where people, including ourselves, spend lots of time. They make for a nice place to relax, eat, play games and people watch.


2 thoughts on “Saturday in Queenstown ~ C

  1. Thanks for the last three posts. It looks as if you are having a relaxing and pleasant time in New Zealand. You certainly have some great accommodation. Love waking up in the morning to look at your photos and blog postings. Please thank Jonah for the video. We enjoyed the humour.

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  2. Keep going Sutherns!! Just remember there’s some of us stuck in the cold and very much living vicariously through each of your posts! 🙂


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