Day 1 in Australia ~C

Our first night in Australia we spent in a hotel in Brisbane, as we all flew in at different times that night.

The following morning, we started our day by grabbing a small breakfast at a local cafe which was delicious and served by the nicest, most welcoming people. It’s interesting that even though the dollar is pretty much the same as the Canadian dollar, everything seems to just be a lot more expensive here. For example, a BLT at the breakfast cafe was $18.. ouch. We ordered smoothies.

We continued on to Lone Pine Koala sanctuary, where we were able to hold koalas, and see many different Australian animals including: kangaroos, platypuses (platypi??), and different types of birds. The highlight of this stop was for sure cuddling the koalas and feeding the kangaroos. There was a huge fenced in area where people were welcome to go in to feed and pet the kangaroos, however it was funny to see that all 130 kangaroos seemed to hide away in their “resting area” away from the tourists.. I guess until they got hungry.

After this stop, we continued on to our first homestay in a small town called Uki, near Murwillumbah in the top corner of New South Wales, not far from  the beaches of the Gold Coast. Although the tiny towns around us do not have much to do, the house is beautiful. It was recently redone and featured in a magazine and is quite literally picture perfect. The lady whose house we are staying in is currently staying in ours in Guelph, which is a great and affordable way to travel. We for sure lucked out. Once arriving, we went out to the nearest town to pick up some groceries for the rest of the week and once we came back we pretty much brought out the games and settled in. Being super jet- lagged, I was out by 7pm. Looking forward to the next couple days here!


One thought on “Day 1 in Australia ~C

  1. So glad that everything was so enjoyable on your first let. It looks as if the second leg is starting off well too. Keep those posts coming. We are really enjoying them.

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