Low Points

Every vacation has its low moments. Sometimes they come as a surprise — aren’t holidays supposed to be idyllic after all? But we’re still real people living real lives, so the messiness of that usually travels with us.

The Asia portion of this sabbatical has been surprisingly positive — very few low points to report. Even the likelihood of having to set aside an “ignorance budget” mentioned in an earlier post turned out to be minimal. But in the spirit of full disclosure, here are the low points that I remember from our time in Vietnam and Cambodia. You may notice that a few of them were clustered within the final few days we spent there — thankfully a couple of our big highlights (eating at Noir and cooking school at Grain by Luke) also happened around that same time to balance them out.

  • In Can Tho (Mekong Delta) there were dozens of rats climbing in and out of the garbage cans in the lovely park along the water. Ewwww.
  • I got gum on my shorts at one point. Made worse by the fact that I happened to know the person who left it on the seat. And also by the fact that I didn’t have any other clean bottoms with me for the following day, so had to look at it for two days. And forgot to them reposition my shorts at one point and smeared the gum on a hotel chair.
  • The drive to/from Mekong Delta was too long in proportion to what we did/saw there, at least from the kids’ perspective.
  • We had to pay $10US for losing one of our room key cards in Can Tho. We thought the guy at the desk was joking, but he wasn’t. Wouldn’t let us check out before paying our fine.
  • We realized 7 hours before leaving for the airport to fly from Ho Chi Minh to Brisbane via Bangkok, and less than an hour before checking out of our hotel, that we were supposed to have gotten visas to travel to Australia, and maybe to Thailand. Thankfully, they were available online with a short turnaround time, so I filled in forms and prayed while Tim packed our bags…(and we didn’t need them for Thailand after all).
  • Saying good-bye to Hannah at the HCMC airport wasn’t fun — not seeing each other for almost 7 weeks feels too long for all of us.

In the scheme of things, such a minor list. We’re so thankful, particularly for the safety and good health we’ve been blessed with on this trip so far.


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