Biking in Vietnam ~ T

The modes of transportation here are mostly two-wheel – at least in the villages we have been in so far. Whether that is on a moped (what is called a motorbike here) or on the pedal powered version. Seems that the pedal powered version has given way to the motorbike for the locals for the most part in the cities. As tourists we have had the privilege of going on two bike tours in Vietnam – both along quiet back streets and alleys and also venturing onto the more major roads – I have noticed that it is just like the rules of downhill skiing… if you are coming up behind someone do not hit them!

Our two adventures so far, which in retrospect I wished I had tracked with the GPS tracker that we use at home for riding and collecting statistics, have both been a great way to see the countryside. Many of the small alleys are not suited to taxis and cars, and the walk would have been a bit long for everyone! Yesterday in Hoian we enjoyed heading out to visit and see local farms in operation – incredible precision in the vegetable beds.

Back home the MS Ride team is probably not even thinking about getting in gear quite yet with the snow on the roads – here we are already two rides in as we enjoy touring the local villages. So glad the family are capable on their bikes – and feeling badly for the group we passed yesterday where the rider had gone over a small wall and into the canal. For our friends back in Canada that are part of the MS Ride team – time to get on the bikes!


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