Massages in Hue ~G

After wandering our local neighbourhood around our hotel in the light rain for a couple of hours, we were ready for a rest (Especially Hannah, who was still jet lagged). The boys headed back to the hotel while the girls hit up a massage place. We wanted head/shoulder and foot massages totalling an hour, although we ended up receiving an herbal foot bath, head/shoulder and foot massage – 90 minutes for $10 per person, courtesy of a “bulk discount.”

The massage place looked nice and clean, and we were greeted very excitedly by a young Vietnamese lady. She quickly guided us upstairs to a large room with many chairs in it, and got us to change into what I would call “long pyjama shorts”. After waiting for a bit, she came running in (literally) with gorgeous wooden buckets full of an herbal solution to bathe our feet. We were joking that she seemed a little bit frazzled as she “called her friends to come and help” due to the sudden overload of business. The highlight of the experience was how excited she was that we were there (which sort of made me question the massage quality).

After half an hour in the herbal foot bath, 2 young women and 1 young man came in, dressed in matching massage outfits over top of their regular clothing. They seemed to have it all pre-choreographed – a synchronized massage team. We had many laughs throughout the experience, besides from being ticklish. The room was quite cold, as it had been raining out and there was an open window at one end. One of the masseuses must have noticed we were chilly, as half way through she brought us towels to cover us, although it was counterproductive as they were right by the open window and were cold and damp. After our foot massage they flipped us onto our stomachs for the shoulder massage- getting right up on top of our tables with us. (Poor Hannah found it rather uncomfortable having a man on top of her pressing his knees into her back and butt)!

Although feeling slightly confused and uncomfortable at parts, the experience was entertaining and I was glad that we went.


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