For Foodies – Episode 1

We figured that some of you would enjoy hearing about what we’ve been eating since we arrived.

Overall, the food has been plentiful, healthy, fresh, not spicy and delicious. Normally by this stage on a trip, I would be experiencing ‘tummy troubles,’ but not so far here. We’ve all really enjoyed it.

Breakfast at the hotel in Hanoi has introduced me to the pleasures of chicken noodle soup in the morning. Also on offer: eggs, hot dogs, fruit (usually watermelon, guava and bananas), fried noodles, stir fried veg, ham, cheese, yogurt, juices.

On the boat in Halong Bay, there was an abundance of food and it was always a surprise. Dishes just kept appearing. Right when you thought you’d eaten enough, the steamed rice would show up, which usually meant at least three more plates were on their way. Mostly seafood. Always beautifully presented – lots of panache. They tend to cook some vegetables that we would usually eat raw, such as cucumber or radish. Our favourite dish was stuffed crab.

We’ve made and eaten many variations of spring rolls, at almost every meal. Pork, seafood, vegetarian or chicken; fresh or fried.

Our guide in Hanoi took us for pho (again, noodle soup) that was delicious — we love places that are packed with locals and cost $10 to feed 5 of us!img_0107

Last night in Hanoi we ate at the Green Mango. Tim chose spicy Thai beef curry, I went for squid and lemongrass stir fry, noodle bowls for the kids.img_0489

Our most memorable meal so far was in the rural village outside of Hanoi. Build your own bowls of noodles, pork, herbs, veg, sweet sauce. Apparently Barack Obama ate this dish on a recent visit here, so they’ve renamed it in his honour!

Tim’s been enjoying Tiger beer — a Heineken affiliate here.img_0214

We splurged on snacks for the kids en route to Halong Bay — M&Ms and Pringles cost more than a dinner!img_0207

Vietnamese coffee is thick, strong and a bit chocolatey. Often served with sweetened condensed milk. Today at a French-inspired coffee shop in Hue (“Ta”) we had it served using personal drip filters. I also had a delicious yogurt parfait with crispy brown rice, mint and mango. The kids enjoyed milkshakes.

Tonight we ate at a ¬†Pinterest-inspired cafe (“The Rustic – kitchen and chill bar”) that was adorable. I had do-it-yourself rice wraps with pork, lemongrass and crunchy veg and a bowl of crab and asparagus soup. Tim had beef curry again. More pho for the girls. Jonah enjoyed grilled cheese and fries — comfort food. (Notice that Hannah has arrived. We miss you, Claire!)


One thought on “For Foodies – Episode 1

  1. Sounds yummie! So glad Hannah has been able to join you. I really am enjoying these posts… travelling in my mind through your adventure, if that makes any sense.
    Jamie and Aly got home last night through the blizzard we are experiencing. I’m sure they’d rather have stayed in Hawaii.
    Dad Read


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