Work-Wise How Does It Work?

I’m always interested in the mundane, practical stuff. So if I were you, I’d be thinking, “How are you doing this? Don’t you guys work?”

Yes we do work, and no we don’t work as professional bloggers or travel writers who take their profession with them on the road. Here’s the scoop:

19 years ago, Tim started an engineering firm ( On January 1, 2017 he turned the presidency of that firm over to a trusted long-time colleague. After a month of transition, that new Prez will have three months to settle into his new role without Tim keeping tabs on him. On May 1, Tim will return to the company in a new role, the details of which have yet to be finalized. We know it will involve staying on as Chair of the Board and taking responsibility for some entrepreneurial elements involving SMART technologies — beyond that, we’ll use the time on the trip to figure out where he most wants to add value. And in the meantime…sabbatical.

For about the same length of time, Rebecca has run her own facilitation and strategic coaching firm, specializing in building capacity within the community benefit sector ( For these 10 weeks, and with lots of notice to her clients, she has basically put that work on hold. A couple of projects will be ongoing, overseen by a two colleagues. A few clients were willing to adjust their timelines to accommodate Rebecca’s absence. We know of one¬†opportunity, and only one so far, that Rebecca didn’t get awarded because of the trip. One perk of solopreneurship is supposed to be the inherent flexibility. We’re putting that to the test.

It’s likely that both of us will attend a work meeting or two in Australia, in an effort to expand our networks internationally. And we’d like to use the time away to reflect on what our next chapter looks like work-wise — but maybe we’ll just play and rest and do that planning when we get back. We’ll let you know.


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