What will we miss? ~ G

Prior to the trip we asked each family member to come up with a short list of what they think that they will miss back home. We will then compared those lists to our reality once partway through the trip. Here are the results — they already tell you something about us, right? (Apparently we like where we sleep…)


  • My bed
  • Familiar Food
  • My friends
  • Routine
  • Social aspect of school/ life in general


  • Making YouTube videos
  • Watching videos
  • Friends
  • Playing cello
  • School
  • Playing soccer
  • My bed and pillow


  • Not having the entire family together
  • Not being close to parents & brother’s family
  • Friends
  • Eramosa
  • Home

Rebecca :

  • Kids that aren’t with us
  • My pillow
  • Worship at church
  • Talking to my friend Sue regularly
  • Listening to Jonah play cello
  • Berries for breakfast (Maybe I’ll get some. Fresh mangoes would be an acceptable substitute)

Claire :

  • Gym
  • Friends
  • My bed
  • Routine
  • Working and having that small income


  • The gym
  • Routine
  • My bed
  • Kryn
  • Constant communication with friends
  • School

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