Most kids would probably be jumping for joy at the thought of missing school for 10 weeks… me, not so much. I actually love school, the people, the classes, the routine. Although I would be lying if I said I’m not excited to be taking some time off.

I am in grade 10 at John F Ross CVI, in Guelph Ontario. We are a semestered school; September-Febraury and then February-June, each with 4 courses. I have spent quite a bit of time with my guidance councillor (Mrs C) over the past 8 months figuring out exactly what this leave would look like in terms of my credits and school. Thankfully I am already 2 credits ahead from doing summer programs abroad the past 2 years with a company called Blyth. After some negotiation and discussing our options such as online, alternative credit options, as well as senior level spares, Mrs C and I reached a decision. I will be doing no schooling while on sabbatical, though once I return I will get 2 credits back at my school. History, by credit recovery in Resource, and then Careers and Civics each for one period a day April-June. This arrangement means that I will be fully caught up in my courses heading into Grade 11 in September.

I am involved at school with both DECA (A business competition/club) as well as Students’ Council. I was still able to participate in DECA, though it only lasted until November as once regionals were over, I could no longer participate since I will be missing provincials (the weekend after we leave). For Students’ Council I was able to fully participate in first semester, and will be able to join in again when I return in April. Although Executive Council elections, as well as course applications are both happening while I am away.  I’ve had to be extra organized to get it all prepared ahead of time so that I can still be participating in these things that affect next year. The Students’ Council teachers have been nothing but supportive in helping me do this so that I am able to be fully involved next year despite missing part of this year.

(In case you’re wondering about the other kids: Jonah is in Grade 7. He’s a strong student, reads a ton, and will learn lots on the trip. That’s enough. Claire is taking a gap year between high school and university, so she’s available to travel. Hannah is extending her university Reading Week by a week to join us. Voila).



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