Careening Toward Sabbatical…~R

Fast cars go from 0 to 60 in a few seconds. I’m going from 100 to 0 in now 13 days.

When I tell people about what our family is doing, I say, “We are taking a sabbatical.” Or, “We’re going on an adventure.”Both are true, and it’s the combination of both of those words that makes this journey especially exciting.

“Sabbatical” comes from the word Sabbath – a time of rest and worship. It also means a break or change from normal routine. “Adventure” is defined as something unusual, exciting, even possibly dangerous. Its root word advent has a slightly different connotation — waiting for an expectant coming.

I am confident that our trip will contain some measure of each of these elements. We’ll be touring, staying in people’s homes, volunteering and maybe occasionally working. We’re intentionally using the time to refresh, explore, and rethink what we want our next chapter to look like.

It strikes me that “sabbatical adventure” is an oxymoron – one doesn’t rest amid “possible danger” after all. But in fact, I suspect that the experience of living it will feel like exactly that. A time for rejuvenation, gratitude and relaxation alongside excitement, adrenaline, embracing the unfamiliar, all while expecting the arrival of something new.

I feel like the flustered woman who comes racing into yoga class. The lengthening to-do list is cause for much activity and more than a little stress. We’re racing at 100 miles an hour, and will be for the next couple of weeks. But then we’ll get on that plane, regardless of the state of the list at that moment, and learn what rapid deceleration feels like.

Rest, worship, excitement, possibly danger, expectation. Sabbatical adventure.



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