A bit swamped by preparations~R

As I write this, we leave in 19 days. Likely by the time you read this, we’ll already be gone. So too will our to-do lists. Just to give you a small taste of Rebecca’s list from the past few days:

  • shots and meds — appointments at Public Health
  • first aid kit supplies — extra points at Shoppers Drug Mart if I go this Wednesday
  • shoes and bathing suits — do the kids have these and do they still fit?
  • the work to-do lists (and to-do when we get back) — I won’t bore you with these
  • is there any work in the pipeline for when we get back?
  • reschedule the cleaner — do I have to have her come as often when only one person is at home?
  • meet with the teachers at J’s school; phone tag with the VP at G’s school
  • suitcases — enough and right sizes?
  • visas — are we sure we have what we need?
  • pre-pay the Visa — that’s a different kind of visa — Tim usually does banking on his laptop but he’s not bringing it
  • blog (and share it) — voila!
  • new camera — do we know how to use it? GoPro too?
  • house and dog sitters – plans, instructions, buy extra dog food etc….
  • plans for the teens staying home – rules,  contact lists, meals in freezer, cash etc.
  • confirm with each home swap host — do we know where they live and how to find keys?
  • reading material — on phone? laptop? Kobo/Kindle? Hard copy?
  • phone plans — stop/reduce service. TV too?
  • which electronics and chargers should we bring
  • lunch dates with friends to say good-bye — I so appreciate their calls, but I’m running out of time!

I wake up at night wondering what I’ve forgotten to include on this list…


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